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topnaar tour

4×4 tour

The Topnaar Tour would offer you an unforgettable cultural experience with plenty of scenery, adventure, traditional people wildlife and a million photo opportunities.

“This also is our first introduction to dune driving, an unforgettable experience of which you will still talk about for the rest of your holiday.”

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The Topnaar tour is a 2-3 hour scenic and educational drive. Depart from the Photo Ventures office and our first stop is the Walvis Bay Lagoon, a must for the keen bird watcher. More than a hundred bird species and the biggest population of Flamingos in Southern Africa. Our next stop is the Walvis Bay Salt works, colours, colours, colours!

The package offered is scenery, adventure, traditional people, wildlife and a million photo opportunities.

We also offer Dune Boarding for FREE. So be adventurous and try boarding down a steep dune at warped speed!

And last but not least, the Topnaar tribe, a semi nomadic tribe, an offshoot of the Nama tribe and part of the Khoisan genetic group. There are 2 Topnaar groups, the Southern #Aonin group and the Northern !Gomén group. The !Gomén Topnaars settled close to Sesfontein and the #Aonin Topnaars at the mouth of the Kuiseb River. They live a life that relies on herding goats, but also are also adapted to the dry coastal desert environment of the Namib. The relatively rich plant life of the Kuiseb River Valley provides them with additional sources of food, particularly the well-known !Nara melon.

Book this Tour now for N$ 1050.00 p.p.

combine the topnaar tour with sandwich harbour for N$ 1950.00 p.p.

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